VOY TOURS is a family business that has been driven by my parents: Porfidio Choque and Damacia Mamani based on the experience they gained during 15 years as employees (guide driver and cook) of large tourism companies.
This encouragement came in order not to let the knowledge acquired in her life be lost, so a few years ago I joined the family attack.
With my inclusion, encouragement and work together, after a while our first project was born: HOSTAL “BUTCH CASSIDY”, which thanks to God, the experience and support of all was quickly positioned in a good place.
At this point and with more than 2 years of existence of the same, motivated by the response and support that sustains it, is that we decided to move to a more advanced stage (which we now put at your service), our second project: VOY TOURS, tourism agency that aims to continue (with practice, sustainability and example) transmitting to present and future generations Quality tourism in the region and with that goal surpassed, more seriously provide all visitors around the world with care and shelter with the height (within our possibilities) they deserve. Thanking you for your choice, we invite you to be part of our great family and enjoy the wonders it has in every confinement and corner of our planet. Atte: “COME AND LET’S GO: VOY TOURS”

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